Monday, April 20, 2015

Eco-Architecture for Sustainable Living - Some Progress Up to Week 9

Second panel crit attended by Ar David Yek Tak Wai from Varitas. Apart from generating ideas from the issues identified and presented in week 6 (panel crit 1) after long research and site visit, discussion and data analusis (week1-6), now students develping design ideas from building programs and site context.

Inputs, comments and suggestion given by internal panel (Dr Malsiah) and external panel (Ar Devid Yek) are really useful for the students to develop further their design ideas and project developments.

 Ar David Yek Tak Wai and Dr Malsiah as panels

Joon Vui Siong : Fishermen Terminal & Market;
- Space planning not resolve.
- UBBL not comply.
Foong Hui Wen : Environmental Education Centre;
- Very good massing study,
- very good .. approach.

Lai Chuen Keat : ... Research Centre 
- A huge faciliries in sensitive site is not urgent.

 Tan Ke Wei: Eco-Tourism Centre;
- Canopy is ok, need refinement,
- Fail to translate messing into floor plan

Au Ming Jun : Research & Nurture Centre;
- Need to ... the site and go for a Biosphere!
Hasan Saon : Aquatic Life Education & Research Centre;
- A huge complex.
- Why not underground complex - aquatic viewing tunnel?

Nur Fasihah : Villager's Market

 Juhana Turiman : Mangrove Research & Visitor Centre

Nurul Hafilah Mohd Yusoff : Eco Habitat Resort

Ooi Shu Shen : Eco-Grow Market

M N Afizan : Marine Mangrove Resort

Goh Zheng Lin : Eco Culture Activity Centre

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